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Tops-lighting has a professional and experienced technical production team, advanced production equipment, we have the ability according to the requirements of customers design and manufacture of various types of cordless lamps, decoration lamp, at the same time can also provide customers with product design and OEM service, with high quality and good after-sales service and guarantee the interests of the masses of customers.

There are over 50 talents and the advanced instruments and equipments in the R&D Centre of Tops-lighting Group; The R&D Centre is the department where Tops-lighting Group invests and develops specially.

The laboratory covers the land of 500 sq. meters, with over 200 advanced test instruments and total investment over US$4.00 million.

Moreover, the products are designed and developed by adopting the different patented technologies, which make the products researched and developed by Tops-lighting independently to achieve the international level;

Whichever it is the design, safety performance, instrument inspection, supporting services and etc.

Aiming to offer customer the safe and reliable power supply and short product R&D cycle through various inspections, tests and safety certificate application.

Now the laboratory runs in the dust-free workshop mode, mainly responsible for inspecting and testing if materials and products comply with the environmental protection requirements of every country, product safety certificates and reliability tests and so on.

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